The Best Paste.™


Shine: Natural

Hold: Medium

(Formerly: Teddy Boy Original)

Handmade in Small Batches for Quality Control

Alcohol-Free | Sulfate-Free | Cruelty-Free | Paraben-Free | Silicone-Free | Petroleum-Free | PVP-Free

Enhanced formulas are a must try for any hair paste lover. The Natural Shine, Medium Hold paste offers a super flexible hold and won't leave your pillow greasy. You can run your hands through your hair all day without any embarrassing flakes.

Scent: Bay Rum & Mint


  • Natural Shine, Medium Hold keeps hair in place with a non-greasy natural shine.
  • Soft and smooth texture, how a paste should be.
  • Subtle Bay Rum & Mint scent.
  • Water-based, for easy washing and restyling.


Aqua, Beeswax, Bamboo Extract, Carnauba Wax, Ceteareth-20, Caster Oil, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil,  Emulsifying Wax NF, Frangrance Oil, Peppermint Oil, Rice Powder, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Gluconate, Tea Tree Oil, Vegetable Glycerin

What’s with the QR codes on the boxes?

There is a unique QR code on each box of THE BEST PASTE.™Watch a short, educational video from Celebrity Hairstylist and Men's Grooming Authority, Kristan Serafino. She'll show you the best way to apply our products and style your hair.