About Us

Kristan is regarded as Hollywood’s most sought-after men’s groomer. Kristan’s list of regular clients includes the leading men’s actors in film and TV over the past decade. Her clients also include celebrities in sports, music, and business. Her expertise is keeping a client’s look fresh, without sacrificing their “brand.” (Her A-List clients styles can be seen on @serafinosays) She achieves this by never chasing trends, but by having a long-term plan unique to each personality that keeps appearances fresh. Not your stereotypical hairstylist, Kristan is a graduate of Boston College with emphasis in marketing. She spent the first 10 years of her business career in fashion where she held various management positions in the corporate offices of Perry Ellis Menswear, Inc. Seeking more creative endeavors, Kristan walked away from a management position in pursuit of a new career in hairstyling.

  • She has touched nearly every aspect of the beauty industry throughout her journey and influenced leading brands. Kristan has held the following positions in beauty; Brand Ambassador for two global businesses, Beauty Advisor at W Hotels, Director of Education for Kaaral, Collection Designer for L’Oreal, Beauty Correspondent at WNBC, Award-winning Blogger selected by the editors at Cosmopolitan, Guest Host on QVC & ShopNBC, and others.
  • Kristan has been thoroughly, and intimately involved in every aspect of her company since its inception and the messaging that is uniquely relatable to men.
  • She created the concept of “wearable hairstyles“  introducing men to the concept of using your hair as an accessory. You wouldn’t wear the same shirt and pants to every event in your life, so why try to fit the same old hairstyle into each. And change does not have to be drastic, and in fact it is best when subtlety is introduced subtlety.